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Becoming a Western Union agent is easier than you might think and it will make your business more profitable.

Connecting people for over 162 years & over 512,000* Agent Locations in 200 countries and territories around the world.


There are many reasons to become an Agent:

  • From being a part of one of the world’s best known brands;
  • To expanding your offering;
  • To dramatically enhancing your profile

All these features make good business sense.

Below we have highlighted some key benefits to becoming a Western Union® Agent.



Enjoy an additional source of income

You make commission on EVERY Western Union transaction both sent and received.


Consumer growth

Money transfer is a main footfall driver so you can strengthen your consumer base and attract a wide range of new consumers.


Global Network of Agents

Western Union has an unrivalled reputation due to the strength and speed of their network; with over 512,000* Agents globally, there is always an agent close to the person you want to send money to.


Money transfer is simple

Consumers do not need to worry about complicated PIN number, passwords and log-ins; they simply need to drop by a Western Union Agent, complete the transaction details form, prove their identity, make their payment, collect the receipt and track their order status.



Consumers who make a Western Union transaction can spend more in your store and hence more revenue for your business.


No investment

There is no investment and no annual fee involved for retailers wanting to share a part in Western Union’s success.


Promote consumer loyalty

Consumers are often loyal to the same Western Union location because they value trust and excellent consumer service.


Our support for your business

Western Union will provide advice to help you make the most of the money transfer opportunities in your area, supply tailored marketing materials, and you will have unlimited access to expert support with Western Union’s friendly consumer service.



Join the biggest franchise in the world now!

  • No investment
  • Commission on every transaction
  • Increased Footfall
  • Cross Selling Opportunities


 * Agent location data valid as of 20 December 2013